Edwin & Esther Gbor

December 1, 2023

Liberia was the first independent black republic in Africa. In 1822 freed slaves were returned to Africa from the USA by President James Monroe and the nation of Liberia was born. Monrovia became its capital. The Liberian flag resembles the American flag, and Liberia has always used U.S. currency.
Rev. Edwin Gbor has a heart for his people. During the 1990’s and up until 2003, the country of Liberia was in turmoil and civil war. Edwin lived in the Ivory Coast as a refugee during that time. American missionaries there suggested that he go to Ghana to complete his Bible education. Edwin a native of Liberia, completed the diploma course at Ghana Baptist Theological Institute in 1996, then returned to war-torn Liberia to serve as a church planter and missionary. Edwin’s wife, Esther, and their children are actively involved in the ministry of evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and Christian education. In 2002, he returned to Ghana and completed the work for a Bachelor of Arts degree, and he recently completed his Master’s degree.

Edwin has been an IPM missionary since his return to Liberia in 1996. He is the founder of the Great Commission Baptist Church and the Great Commission Baptist Mission. The Christian Foundation School was also established and in 2019 had a growing student body.

​Matthew & Jehoaddan Troy

the Lord has raised up Matthew Troy to be one of the leaders of the Great Commission Fundamental Baptist Mission (GCFBM) in Liberia. Along with fellow IPM missionary Edwin Gbor, Matthew has led in several successful church plants and has overseen a growing educational ministry.

His wife, Jehoaddan, serves in their Christian school and has been used of the Lord as a soul winner and youth worker. The Troys have six children whom they are raising to love the Lord.