Meet The IPM Leadership

The IPM Leadership is dedicated to the great commission work in countries throughout the world. Click on their bios for more information or to get in touch.

Dr. Kevin Callahan


Kevin Callahan, with 16 years at IPM, holds the role of President. Collaborating closely with executive staff and department heads, I guide administrative decisions, steering IPM’s course in alignment with our Board of Directors. My responsibilities extend to conducting future-planning meetings, vital for charting our organization’s trajectory, and engaging with key contributors.

My academic journey, culminating in a BA and MA in Bible from BJU, along with a DD from SIBBC&S, laid the foundation for my dedication to missions. Early on, I engaged with Mission Team West, working among Mormons in the western US during my time at BJU. As a pastor, I resonated deeply with IPM’s missions philosophy, supporting its missionaries and eventually serving on the Board of Directors, eventually becoming its chairman. Stepping into the role of IPM’s President was a calling affirmed by the Lord. I attribute our success to prayer and reliance on God’s strength, finding perfection in our weaknesses. All glory rightfully belongs to Him for the work accomplished at IPM.

Dr. Brent Smith

VP of Church Mobilization

Brent Smith currently oversees IPM’s Church Mobilization department and heading the Volunteer Interactive Partners (VIP) program, and plays a pivotal role in fostering global connections. In the Church Mobilization, he orchestrates deputation visits for nationals from Asia, Africa, and Latin America to the United States, handling logistics from legal documentation to transportation. Beyond administrative duties, Brent actively ministers overseas alongside missionaries.

As the Director of VIP, Brent passionately advocates for short-term missions, enabling individuals and churches to engage directly with IPM national missionaries. His academic journey includes a BA in Bible from Bob Jones University and a Master of Ministry & Doctor of Ministry from Andersonville Baptist Seminary.
Initially bi-vocational pastor, he transitioned into missions with IPM in 2008 after a representative visits his church’s missions conference. With a history of planting and pastoring churches for a total of 19 years, Brent marvels at the opportunities to witness God’s work firsthand during extensive travels.

Matt Barfield

VP of Field Ministries

Matthew Barfield is IPM’s Vice President of Field ministries, a role he’s held for over a decade.  He and his wife, Chrysta, have been with IPM for 21 years, first serving in the Middle East as part of a church planting team. After planting a church and starting a Bible school with an Arabic church planter in Jordan, Matthew contracted a parasitic illness that led to big changes in their lives and ministry. 
Once the Lord returned him to health, Matt began traveling as IPM’s missionary evangelist. He preached for evangelistic and revival meetings around the world, something he enjoys doing to this day.
In 2016, Matt, Chrysta, and their eight children began the Next Door Nations program, IPM’s stateside ministry to foreign nationals. That work has grown, and several churches across the country are starting their own cross-cultural ministries right here in the USA. To learn more, check out Matt’s book, Next Door Nations, on

Meet The IPM Team

The IPM Leadership and Staff are dedicated to the great commission work in countries throughout the world. Click on their bios for more information or to get in touch.

Dr. Thomas Wolfe, D. Min.

Educational Consultant

Tom is a seasoned pastor with 14 years of pastoral experience, with a D.Min degree (1993) and M.Div (1979). For 11 years, he served as the director of the Bible Baptist School of Theology in West Chester, PA, where he significantly contributed to the development of future spiritual leaders. Over a span of 20 years, Tom devoted himself to the IPM Education Department, imparting his wisdom and nurturing scholarly pursuits. Tom’s lasting legacy resonates through his unwavering dedication to pastoral care, educational leadership, and the profound impact he has left on numerous lives.

George Stouffer

Educational Consultant

George, an educator with 19 years of experience in seven foreign countries, guides colleges to enhance memory-only based education. With a Master of Divinity from Bob Jones University and post-graduate courses in Hebrew, Archaeology, and Bible Geography from Evangelical School of Theology, Myerstown, PA, George champions a more comprehensive educational approach. His mission is to ensure that future pastors, evangelists, and missionaries worldwide receive adequate training, fostering a deeper understanding beyond mere memorization. George’s commitment to global education underscores his passion for shaping well-equipped leaders for ministry in diverse cultural contexts.

Charles Farley

Educational Consultant

Charles is a one of our impactful educational consultants with 13 years at IPM. He excels in empowering missionaries to groom leaders for effective ministries. With an M.Div. and D.D., his impactful training transcends language barriers. Prior to joining IPM, Charles dedicated three years to Native American ministry, enriching his cross-cultural insights. His philosophy centers on a leveraged ministry, where the benefits far exceed the efforts invested. Charles embodies a commitment to enhancing leadership capabilities within the global missionary landscape, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the mission field for over a decade.

Levi Schooley

Director of Children’s Ministries & Evangelist

Levi Schooley, has been IPM’s International Children’s Evangelist for 11 years, collaborating with US churches to strengthen children’s ministries and aids global pastors with children’s programs and teacher training. With a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Levi’s decade-long international travels span over nine countries. He champions children as vital to church futures and utilizes IPM’s global platform to ensure their spiritual growth worldwide.

Jerrold Olson

Finance Administrator

Jerry, our Finance Director, oversees financial and administrative functions, managing technology solutions and databases. With extensive accounting experience in construction, agriculture, retail, and corporate sectors, Jerry’s diverse background ensures comprehensive business operations understanding. Adept in embracing new technology, he procures and implements hardware and software needs for IPM. Jerry’s journey includes teaching, network support, and roles in marketing, sales, and cost accounting. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Iowa State University and various certifications, including MCSA and CTT+, Jerry is committed to providing ethical, precise, and timely services, echoing the biblical principle of stewardship in 1 Peter 4:10.

Kevin Maki

Director of Deaf Ministries & Evangelist

Kevin, with 8 years at IPM as the Director of the Deaf Ministry Department, oversees fields with Deaf schools, orphanages, and ministries, supporting children of IPM national missionaries. Armed with Engineering B.S. & M.S. degrees and expertise in American Sign Language, Kevin provides resources and training for nationals reaching the Deaf community. He collaborates with U.S. staff to promote IPM missionaries, particularly those impacting the Deaf for Christ. With a profound burden to reach the Deaf and Blind communities globally, Kevin, accompanied by his proficient ASL, Spanish, and English-speaking wife Kenyata, travels extensively, forging connections and spreading the gospel.

Dorothy Taylor

Director of Administrative Services & Female Missionary Advocate

Dot Tayler has been with IPM for over 26 years helping the mission move forward. Currently she works alongside of Matt Barfield ministering to missionaries in the Field Ministry department.

Marta Galdamez

International Deaf & Field Ministries Assistant

Marta, a dedicated missionary, focuses on laboring with Deaf churches and raising awareness in Hearing churches about the imperative need to reach Deaf communities. With a college diploma in Interdisciplinary Studies in Missions & Church Ministries and a minor in Bible, Marta is proficient in Spanish, English, and ASL (American Sign Language). Her impactful ministry has spanned across Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay, where she passionately advocates for the inclusion and spiritual outreach to the Deaf, leaving an indelible mark on communities worldwide.

Joan Farley

Children’s Ministries Instructor & Curriculum Developer

Ruben Quiroz

Hispanic Educational Consultant & USA Church Planter

Mandy Smith

Deputation Ministries Assistant

Mandy, as Assistant to the Vice President of Church Mobilization and Deputation Ministries at IPM, plays a vital role in creating impactful displays for nationals during deputation in the U.S. Her meticulous work ensures missionaries have all materials, from brochures to Pastor Packets. Beyond her administrative duties, Mandy draws from diverse experiences as an Emergency Medical Technician, Firefighter, and church pianist for 19 years. As a pastor’s wife for 19 years, she’s cultivated a heart for missionary wives, understanding the importance of fellowship and support. Called to missions in 6th grade, Mandy’s journey includes church planting and service with IPM, embodying a commitment to global ministry alongside her husband, Brent. As a mother and proud Mimi to seven grandchildren, Mandy’s life radiates with dedication to family and mission.

Karen Wilt

Contributions Clerk

Karen, a stalwart with 25 years at IPM, serves as the Contribution Clerk. In her role, she adeptly manages all incoming contributions, ensuring the seamless flow of financial support crucial for mission endeavors. Karen’s meticulous attention to detail is particularly evident in her responsibility for Monthly Missionary Statements, a task vital for maintaining transparency and accountability. Her quarter-century dedication speaks volumes about her commitment to the organization’s financial integrity, making her an integral part of the team that sustains and propels IPM’s mission.

James Campbell

International Deaf Ministries & Evangelist

James, a dynamic Evangelist & Instructor, collaborates with national pastors to implement and fortify deaf ministries globally. Armed with a unique academic background, holding a BA in biology and pastoral studies, James is well-equipped to bridge the realms of science and theology. Proficient in American Sign Language and fluent in both English and French, he has contributed to Deaf ministries in diverse countries such as Kenya, Ivory Coast, Uruguay, France, and Belarus. James’ commitment to spreading the message of hope within the Deaf community manifests through his versatile expertise and unwavering dedication to empowering local pastors in their ministry endeavors.

Inez Tierney

Deputation Ministries Coordinator

Inez, our Deputation Ministries Coordinator, plays a crucial role in facilitating communication and assistance for missionaries presenting their ministries in the U.S. Her responsibilities involve ensuring seamless interactions between missionaries and churches, fostering engagement through prayer and financial support. Inez’s dedication to the coordination of deputation efforts exemplifies her commitment to bridging the gap and strengthening the partnerships that enable impactful ministry endeavors to thrive.

John Pisarcik

North & South Carolina Area Representative

John, a seasoned missionary with 17 years at IPM, has worked closely with national church planters. His extensive experience includes leveraging his Doctor of Divinity degree, as well as church planting in multiple countries, alongside summers at a Mexican Bible Institute. John’s multifaceted ministry encompasses roles as a professor for undergraduate and graduate students in various countries and evangelist across international borders. His calling to missionary service was affirmed through the establishment of two churches, with a third awaiting his leadership. John’s unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel globally underscores his profound impact within IPM and beyond.

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