Creative Giving

Help meet the needs of IPM and the missionaries for many years to come, should the Lord tarry.

Life Insurance

Use the vehicle of life insurance to advance the cause of missions.

New Policies

You might consider taking out a life insurance policy on YOUR life, with IPM as both the owner of the policy and the beneficiary. With IPM as the owner of the policy, all premiums paid into the policy by you will be tax-deductible in the year that the premiums
are paid.

Current Policies

Or, you might consider making changes to a current policy on YOUR life, transferring the ownership of the policy to IPM and changing the beneficiary to IPM. When you make IPM the owner of a current whole life or universal life policy, the cash value of that policy becomes a tax deduction to you in the tax year that the transfer is made. Any additional premiums you make to the policy will also be tax-deductible.

IPM can put you in touch with our financial advisors who will help you shop for the best life insurance policy available, or help you know how to transfer ownership of an existing policy.

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

Invest your investments into the advancement of the Gospel.

New Shares

You may wish to open an equity account—especially a Mutual Fund account—with IPM as the owner of the account, and make regular contributions to it. Your contributions to purchase more shares will be tax-deductible. At a later date—presumably upon your death, IPM will receive the proceeds of the account and be able to use it for the development of the ministry.

Existing Shares

Don’t sell your shares in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and give the proceeds to IPM! When you sell your shares you may have significant taxes to pay on the growth of your investment. If you instead transfer ownership of the shares (either all or some of your shares) to IPM, no one pays any taxes on the shares that are transferred to IPM ownership! You do not pay capital gains taxes because the gains have been given to IPM. IPM does not pay capital gains taxes because it is a tax-exempt organization. You win. IPM wins. And God’s work benefits!

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Use the vehicle of life insurance to advance the cause of missions.

Although IPM is unable—like some larger Christian organizations with a large Development Dept. and large cash reserves—to pay you a lifetime guaranteed monthly income upon the setting up of an annuity with a major contribution to the ministry of IPM, our financial advisors can set up an annuity for you that will eventually benefit IPM, will give you a tax break, and will pay you some interest after a certain waiting period—if income is needed on your part. Annuities are now available that offer a 10% bonus from the investment company. In other words, if you were to open an annuity with a deposit of $10,000 (tax-deductible to you in the year the investment is made), an additional $1,000 would be immediately added to the account by the annuity company!

This would be a tremendous benefit to IPM. We can put you in touch with the right person to help you set up such an annuity.

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