Help meet the needs of IPM and the missionaries and keep the Gospel going out to the nations with your support.

Your Support is Needed to Advance The Mission.

IPM is the gateway between your desires to support missions and the missionaries in the field. Through IPM you can find multiple ways to donate to IPM and the missionaries to see the Gospel go forward.

International Partnership Ministries, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

Donations are made online, through our Giving Software.

If you prefer, you can send a check to our address with the description as well.

Missionary Support

One-time or recurring donations to missionaries.

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Creative Giving

Find unique ways to fund IPM and the mission with your estate.

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Project Giving

Look for special one-time projects that help a missionary in need.

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Most Needed

Let us apply your funds to the area that could use the most help today.

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Creative Giving

Creative Giving Help meet the needs of IPM and the missionaries for many years to come, should the Lord tarry. Life Insurance Use the vehicle of life insurance to advance the cause of missions. New Policies You might consider taking out a life insurance policy on YOUR life, with IPM as both the owner of…

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Project Giving

Project Giving Small projects—the perfect opportunity for special events or church groups to make an impact for Christ! Please check back frequently to check on the progress of IPM’s missionaries’ project needs. When sending your check made payable to “IPM, inc” please mention your specific designation.

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Note About Tax-Deductions

Under Internal Revenue Service laws, all ministry gifts to IPM are tax-deductible for people in the USA. This includes all missionary support and project gifts, and support for the General Fund of the mission. Personal gifts to IPM missionaries are not tax-deductible.

Gifts which are not tax-deductible include: Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. If the gift is purely personal in nature and is not intended to be used towards the missionary’s salary and or ministry expenses, it is NOT tax-deductible by law. In this case IPM will issue a non-tax-deductible receipt.