About IPM

Who we are, what we believe, and why we believe in national missions.

Our Mission

The mission of International Partnership Ministries, Inc. is to glorify God through the reaching of people with the gospel, the training of Christian leaders, and the planting of fundamental churches through partnerships with national missionaries and indigenous national ministries.

Our Core Values

  • Unwavering commitment to the truth of God’s Word and to God’s glory
  • Obedience to the Great Commission
  • Utter dependence on prayer, God, and His wisdom
  • Fellowship with those who are separated and committed to truth and God’s glory
  • Commitment to the authority of the local church
  • Commitment to ethics and integrity in our actions and relationships
  • Maintaining an active Board of Directors who reflect our core values

Position Statement

International Partnership Ministries, Inc. shall seek to maintain a close working relationship with local fundamental churches in the USA. The corporation shall seek to have members serving on its Board of Directors from various local fundamental churches and shall operate as an integral agency of a limited number of affiliated churches. Affiliated churches shall be churches that are major contributors to the ministry of the corporation and have at least one church member serving on the corporation’s Board of Directors. A list of affiliated churches, named by the Board of Directors, shall be made available to interested inquirers. The corporation’s President shall be responsible to provide an annual financial report and an annual report of general operations to the governing board of each affiliated church.

International Partnership Ministries, Inc. cannot have any affiliation or association with the following movements, which the corporation recognizes as out of harmony with the Word of God:

  • The Modern Ecumenical Movement, with such advocates as the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.
  • The Neo-Evangelical Movement, characterized by cooperation and dialogue with theological liberals, involvement in ecumenical evangelism, and a general disdain for biblical separation.
  • The so-called Charismatic Movement, characterized by a strong emphasis on experience, a so-called “baptism in the Holy Spirit,” and “speaking in tongues.”
  • The Emergent Church Movement – which de-emphasizes scripture in lieu of a social-oriented gospel message.

Purpose Statement

International Partnership Ministries, Inc. is an independent, fundamental, missionary organization whose five-fold purpose is:

To promote the concept of “partnership” between missions and churches in the USA and indigenous national missions and churches outside the USA as an important aspect of the Church’s obedience to Christ’s Great Commission.

To aid the local church in the biblical task of sending missionaries, those who are nationals of other countries as well as select US missionaries interested in assisting indigenous national ministries, especially with the establishing of Bible institutes and colleges and the training of nationals who will staff those institutions for the purpose of training ministry leaders on their own soil.

To encourage and strengthen national ministries involved in  evangelism, church planting, Bible institutes and colleges, youth work, medical clinics, and other related ministries, by means of the procurement of finances and the provision of needed equipment and technical support.

To develop partnership agreements between itself and indigenous national ministries for the purpose of mutually strengthening ministry effectiveness and accountability.

To make it possible for pastors and laypeople to travel to mission fields outside the USA to see the needs, preach and teach in  conferences, and assist with work projects.

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