Church Mobilization

Helping church partners make missions a healthy part of their ministry focus as they support international church planters and pastors.

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Church Mobilization Ministry

The goal of the Church Mobilization ministry is to help the local church thrive by providing the following services.

  • Help with your Missions Conferences
  • Weekend missions revival and lectures on missions
  • Bring national church planters to your churches to present their fields
  • Pulpit supply 
  • Men’s Retreats or Breakfast Camps
  • Camps
  • Missions Moments in your Children’s Ministries on Wednesdays or Sundays
  • Adopting missionaries with our MAP/Missionary Adoption Program
  • and/or the VIP/Volunteer Interactive Partners Program

Volunteer Interactive Partners (VIP)

The Volunteer Interactive Partners (VIP) Program allows believers in the States to utilize their God-given gifts.  Believers in local fundamental churches all over the United States have a deep love for missions.  However, many are not called to the foreign mission field, nor are they able to quit their job, pull up roots and go.  This is where the VIP program comes into play!  It provides opportunities for these believers to become a foreign missionary right out of their own home!

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Church Mobilization Team

Brent Smith

VP of Church Mobilization

Mandy Smith

Deputation Assistant

John Pisarcik

North & South Carolina Area Representative

Inez Tierney

Deputation Ministries Coordinator

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