VIP Program

A unique way of being part of the mission effort while staying at your home church.

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Volunteer Interactive Partners (VIP)

IPM’s VIP program offers missionary opportunities for believers in fundamental missions-minded local churches in the United States to partner with national missionaries that may otherwise not be available.

The VIP program allows you to fulfill your missionary calling right in your own home! On this page you will find the three different venues of missionary opportunities.

Please pray about your involvement and even your church’s involvement, and ask the Lord to show you how and where He would have you serve.

Missionary VIP Opportunities

The VIP program allows you to fulfill your missionary calling right in your own home!

Scheduling Volunteer

IPM is looking for men who desire to be used of the Lord as a volunteer in promoting one of IPM’s nationals by contacting pastors, and scheduling meetings with churches for that national while he is on deputation. All needed materials and training will be available.

Hospitality Volunteer

IPM is looking for believers to be used of the Lord in a volunteer position to host/travel with our nationals while in the United States. This would involve…
~ receiving them into their homes,
~ coordinating meals,
~ arranging transportation to and from airports, meetings,
shopping, etc.

IPM will familiarize the national with the American diet, customs, and hygiene.

IPM will work with the volunteer’s schedule and situation to ensure a pleasant visit and provide instructions about the home. This can be a husband and wife team and IPM will provide online training and support.

Interpretation Volunteer

IPM is seeking men who are fluent in Spanish and able to travel with a national to interpret messages for them in church services, at conferences, etc., while on deputation in the United States. The volunteer must be able to travel in his immediate area. This would take place mainly in the Spring and Fall of the year.

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