About The Missionary

the Lord has raised up Matthew Troy to be one of the leaders of the Great Commission Fundamental Baptist Mission (GCFBM) in Liberia. Along with fellow IPM missionary Edwin Gbor, Matthew has led in several successful church plants and has overseen a growing educational ministry.

His wife, Jehoaddan, serves in their Christian school and has been used of the Lord as a soul winner and youth worker. The Troys have six children whom they are raising to love the Lord.

Latest Prayer Letter (January 2024)

Project Giving Opportunities

Generator & Sound System For Christmas Outreach

- Need: $1,000

Tuition Assistance For Low-Income Children

- Need: $150 each child

6 Co-Labors @ $200 each per month

- Need: $200 each per month

Bible College Buildings

- Need: $36,000 - Raised: $1,311

Updates From The Field

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About The Field:

Liberia, situated on the west coast of Africa, contends with a range of economic and social challenges that significantly impact its population, influenced by ongoing complexities in its current situation.

Economically, Liberia faces challenges such as overreliance on commodity exports, particularly rubber and iron ore, vulnerability to global market fluctuations, and limited economic diversification. The country has struggled with the aftermath of the Ebola epidemic (2014-2016), further impacting its economic stability and health infrastructure.

Social challenges in Liberia are diverse and profound. Access to quality education remains a concern, with disparities in educational resources and infrastructure, especially in rural areas. Healthcare accessibility and affordability are major issues, leading to disparities in health outcomes and the nation’s overall health infrastructure.

Poverty affects a significant portion of Liberia’s population, contributing to social disparities and impacting living standards for many citizens, particularly in rural areas.

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern, with challenges related to deforestation, soil erosion, and the impact of climate change on agriculture, directly affecting livelihoods.

Liberia’s current situation involves ongoing efforts towards post-conflict recovery and political stability following a protracted civil war that ended in 2003. However, the legacy of conflict, coupled with political tensions, poses challenges to social cohesion and national reconciliation.

Issues related to governance, corruption, and the effectiveness of public institutions also influence social complexities, impacting public trust and stability.