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Many of IPM’s national missionaries serve in situations that require limiting information for public consumption. For more information about this missionary, please contact us at the office.

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Ministry Vehicle

- Need: $22,000

Boys Dorm & Staff Building

- Need: $55,000

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About The Field:

Bhutan, nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, presents a unique blend of economic and social challenges within its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Economically, Bhutan has historically prioritized Gross National Happiness (GNH) over Gross Domestic Product (GDP), emphasizing sustainable development, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation. While the country has seen growth in sectors like hydroelectricity, tourism, and agriculture, it faces economic challenges due to its landlocked nature, limited industrialization, and dependency on hydropower exports.

Social challenges in Bhutan encompass various aspects, including access to education and healthcare. Although the government has made significant strides in providing free education and healthcare, remote and rural areas often face difficulties in accessing these services due to geographical barriers and limited infrastructure.

Unemployment, especially among the youth, remains a concern in Bhutan. The economy’s inability to absorb the increasing number of young job seekers poses a challenge, leading to a potential mismatch between skills and available opportunities.

Bhutan also grapples with issues of poverty and income inequality, particularly in rural areas. Despite efforts to alleviate poverty through social welfare programs and initiatives, disparities persist, affecting the standard of living for many Bhutanese.

Furthermore, the preservation of cultural heritage and traditions in a rapidly changing world poses a social challenge. Balancing modernization with the conservation of Bhutan’s unique cultural identity is an ongoing struggle, especially as globalization and outside influences permeate the country.

Environmental conservation is integral to Bhutan’s ethos, yet climate change poses significant challenges. The country faces risks from natural disasters, changing weather patterns, and the impact on its fragile ecosystems, which directly affect livelihoods, agriculture, and infrastructure.