About The Missionary

“A superb evangelist.” “A great church planter.” These are comments that have been made about Pastor Sergio Herrera.

Brother Herrera was born in Santiago, Chile. As a child, he received no religious training nor had any fear of God. At the age of 22, a North American missionary shared the gospel with him. Sergio responded to the invitation, and his life was miraculously changed. God gave him a deep interest in the Bible and a burning desire to reach lost souls for Christ.

After finishing seminary in Chile, Pastor Herrera helped plant three new churches. During that time he led his future wife, Alejandra, to the Lord. After serving the Lord for 20 years in Chile, God called the Herrera family in 1997 to leave Chile in order to plant churches in Mexico. Serving the Lord in Mexico, a country with a current population of 130,318,469, as a foreign missionary, was a dream come true for Sergio. Over the years, God has used Sergio and Alejandra to lead hundreds of people to the Lord. As a result of evangelizing door to door, in parks, and on basketball courts, they were able to plant the Philadelphia Baptist Church.

Latest Prayer Letter (March 2023)

Project Giving Opportunities

Ministry Vehicle

- Need: $15,000 - Raised: $3,550

Missionary Wife Hip Surgery

- Need: $16,500 - Raised: $14,619

Updates From The Field

  • Update: Herrera family serving the Lord in the Mexico - August 22, 2023

  • About The Field:

    Mexico, a country in North America, grapples with a variety of economic and social challenges, influenced by historical and contemporary factors, as well as the rich cultural and religious heritage in the region.

    Economically, Mexico is characterized by a diverse economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services. However, the country faces challenges such as income inequality, high levels of informality in the labor market, and issues related to corruption and governance. The dependence on a few key industries, such as automotive and oil, leaves the economy vulnerable to external shocks.

    Social challenges in Mexico are multifaceted. Access to quality education remains unequal, with disparities in educational resources and infrastructure between urban and rural areas. Healthcare accessibility and affordability are concerns, leading to disparities in health outcomes, particularly in marginalized communities.

    Poverty affects a significant portion of Mexico’s population, contributing to social disparities and impacting living conditions, especially for those in rural and indigenous communities.

    Mexico’s historical and cultural richness is evident in its religious landscape. The predominant faith is Roman Catholicism, deeply rooted in the country’s history since Spanish colonization. This historical connection between religion and culture has influenced various aspects of Mexican society, including traditions, art, and social values.

    However, the influence of religion also intersects with social challenges. Debates over the role of the Catholic Church in public life, issues related to religious freedom, and the Church’s stance on social and political matters contribute to the complex dynamics within Mexican society.