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Generator For Crusades

- Need: $4,000 - Raised: $97

Ministry Vehicle

- Need: $58,000

Ministry Van

- Need: $15,000

Aboisso Church Building

- Need: $50,000

Church Rebuild

- Need: $83,333 - Raised: $76,000

Bible Institute Land

- Need: $40,000

Ministry Land

- Need: $4,364

Abidjan Neighborhood Church Land

- Need: $60,000

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About The Field:

Ivory Coast, situated in West Africa, grapples with a range of economic and social challenges that significantly impact its population, influenced by ongoing complexities in its current situation.

Economically, Ivory Coast has been one of Africa’s leading economies, largely driven by agriculture, particularly in cocoa production, which forms a significant portion of the country’s GDP. However, the country faces challenges such as income inequality, reliance on a few key commodities, and vulnerability to fluctuations in global commodity prices, impacting economic stability.

Social challenges in Ivory Coast are diverse and impactful. Access to quality education remains a concern, with disparities in educational resources and infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. Healthcare accessibility and affordability also pose challenges, leading to disparities in health outcomes, especially in underserved communities.

Poverty affects a significant portion of Ivory Coast’s population, contributing to social disparities and impacting living standards for many Ivorians, particularly in rural areas.

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern, with challenges related to deforestation, soil erosion, and pollution, impacting ecosystems and livelihoods across the country.

The current situation in Ivory Coast involves ongoing efforts towards political stability and social cohesion following past political unrest and conflicts. The aftermath of previous conflicts has posed challenges to reconciliation and societal healing, influencing social dynamics and community relationships.

Issues related to governance, corruption, and the effectiveness of public institutions also influence social complexities, impacting public trust and stability.

Ivory Coast faces a complex landscape of economic and social challenges, influenced by historical and contemporary factors. The Gospel is needed more than ever in the Ivory Coast.