About The Missionary

Cochabamba, Bolivia, is the location of a vibrant and expanding ministry that IPM has partnered with for many years. Jose Antonio Jordan leads the work in this bustling and strategic South American city. Jose once worked as an engineer here, but the Lord called him to full-time service. Jose has fully embraced God’s call.

Each Saturday, the children gather to memorize scripture and learn about the Savior. The youth are faithful and growing in churches in areas where there currently are none. With Logos Baptist Church serving as their base of operations, José is branching out and starting other churches in his region of Bolivia.

A growing burden is a camp ministry and recovery center for the many neglected children of Cochabamba. It is heart-wrenching to see young children left to the streets, and the Jordan family is leading the way to reach these children. Land has already been provided and is being prepared for camp use. Pray for the Lord’s provision to build the camp and meet this need.

Please also pray that God would provide the continued prayer and financial support for this effective, growing ministry. Would you consider being part of José’s support team, asking the Lord what He would have you and your church do?

Project Giving Opportunities

Ministry Vehicle For Children Transportation

- Need: $28,000

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About The Field:

Nestled in the heart of Bolivia, Cochabamba stands as a city with a multifaceted economic landscape and a deeply ingrained Christian heritage, both shaping its identity and daily life.

Economically, Cochabamba serves as a vital hub within Bolivia, boasting a diverse industrial base that encompasses agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce. Known as the “breadbasket” of Bolivia, the region’s fertile valleys yield a rich agricultural output, producing crops like quinoa, corn, and fruits that contribute significantly to the nation’s food supply. The city’s strategic location, coupled with its robust agricultural sector, fosters a thriving market economy where trade flourishes and sustains local livelihoods.

Christianity forms an integral part of Cochabamba’s cultural and spiritual landscape. The majority of Cochabambinos identify as Roman Catholics, and the city hosts numerous ornate churches, cathedrals, and religious festivals that underscore the city’s deep-rooted Christian traditions. These religious landmarks, such as the Convento de San Francisco and the Cathedral of Cochabamba, stand as architectural marvels and sacred spaces that reflect the city’s devotion to its Christian faith.

Furthermore, Christianity permeates various facets of daily life in Cochabamba, influencing cultural practices, values, and social norms. Religious celebrations and processions, like Semana Santa (Holy Week), hold profound significance, drawing communities together in acts of devotion and commemoration.

In recent years, Cochabamba has witnessed a growing diversification in religious beliefs, with a rise in evangelical Christianity and the presence of other religious denominations. This diversification has added layers to the city’s religious tapestry, fostering dialogue and interaction among different faith communities while upholding the city’s Christian heritage.

Amidst its economic dynamism and religious diversity, Cochabamba retains a distinctive charm—a city where the rhythms of agricultural production merge with the echoes of Christian traditions, creating a unique cultural mosaic that defines its identity in the heart of Bolivia.