About The Missionary

Since God saved Enrique in 1985 and called him into the ministry in March 1986, he has had a tremendous burden to preach the gospel and plant fundamental Baptist churches in his native land, the Dominican Republic. Enrique is university-trained in the field of civil engineering. He completed his theological education at Puerto Rico Baptist College and obtained his master’s degree at Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary. In 1998, he married Solanlly and eventually resigned from his civil engineering profession to live by faith and to give his full attention to the ministry. His church planting ministry started with the church plant in El Seibo. God is using Enrique and his team in a mighty way. His team members are also dedicated national missionaries who are planting churches in several different regions of the Country.

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Vehicle Repairs

- Need: $2,500

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About The Field:

The Dominican Republic, situated in the Caribbean, grapples with a mix of economic dynamics and social challenges that impact its population.

Economically, the Dominican Republic has experienced growth driven by sectors such as tourism, agriculture (particularly in sugar, coffee, and tobacco), and manufacturing (textiles, apparel). However, despite this growth, the country faces challenges such as income inequality, limited job opportunities, and dependence on a few key industries, leading to vulnerability to external economic fluctuations.

Social challenges in the Dominican Republic are multifaceted. Access to quality education remains a concern, especially in rural areas, with disparities in educational infrastructure and resources. Healthcare accessibility and affordability also present challenges, particularly in underserved communities.

Crime and security issues persist in certain urban areas, impacting citizen safety and economic stability. Additionally, poverty affects a considerable portion of the population, contributing to social disparities and affecting living standards for many Dominicans.

Environmental sustainability is a growing concern, with challenges related to deforestation, natural resource degradation, and vulnerability to natural disasters, particularly hurricanes.

Issues of migration, both in terms of emigration and the integration of returning migrants, contribute to social complexities within the Dominican Republic.

Balancing economic growth with social development remains a continuous challenge, as the country seeks to address these multifaceted issues while ensuring equitable opportunities and well-being for all its citizens.