​Reuben & Lidia Quiroz

December 1, 2023


Rubén was born into a strong Catholic family in Bolivia. While a university student in mechanical engineering, he heard the gospel for the first time and accepted Christ. Due to his newfound faith, he left his old beliefs behind and developed a hunger to learn the Word of God. He attended and completed the requirements at WOL Bible Institute in Argentina. He then attended and graduated with a BA from the Theological Baptist Seminary in Bolivia. Ruben continued post-graduate work for a Masters and received his Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University. While a student at the Bible institute in Argentina, he became involved in church planting in Buenos Aires and ministered to other ethnic groups along the Brazilian/Bolivian border. He then became involved in church planting in Bolivia. During this time, he was ordained and served as a church-planting missionary in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Several Baptist churches were established, and Rubén also began the Logos Theological Seminary. In 2011, a new dynamic ministry was introduced by IPM: ethnic church planting in the United States. The ethnic landscape has changed dramatically in the US in the past decade. In January 2012, IPM-USA was launched. At that time, Rubén made known his desire to make a major ministry change which involved relocating from Bolivia to the U.S. After much prayer and consideration, his request was approved by IPM, and Ruben has been serving the Spanish-speaking people of the United States ever since.