John & Lydia Njoroge

December 1, 2023


My name is John Gikaru Njoroge from Nyahururu, Kenya. I was born first in a Christian family of three boys, and we were raised at Bible Baptist Church, Nyahururu. Growing up, I went to church and heard many good sermons on salvation, but I had not followed Christ as my personal Savior until one weekend in April 1999. During our regular youth meetings, my pastor preached and emphasized that Jesus has clearly shown us His love and desire for a personal relationship with us (Matthew 11:28-30). That day through closer teaching by one of our church deacons, the Lord saved me. I was baptized by immersion a month after I got saved and joined the church. At that young age, my life was changed. Then my “simple” ministry at church brought so much joy.


When I finished high school, I knew that the Lord wanted me in the ministry, but it was never clear in what capacity. After teaching youth and preaching during youth Sundays at church, a love for the ministry of the gospel filled me, and I began seeking ways to develop it. A pastor friend in Kenya told me about a Bible college in Zambia, and I began studying in that country in 2010. I finished a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 2014.

After serving for some time in Zambia, and meeting and marrying my wife, I returned to Kenya to carry on the church planting work in the Nyahururu region. It is a great blessing to lead the expanding work of the ministry in which I was saved and called to serve the Lord.